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Covering all periods and scales from Ancient to Futuristic Fantasy

March 16th, 2006.

We wish to announce that after 9 successful and very rewarding years in business, Military Miniature Painting Services is closing.

Due to failing health and other events that have taken a toll on us over the past 4 years and slowly grown to unbearable proportions, we have little or no choice!

All orders we are currently working on will be completed in due time... This could take another 2 years before all of our present backlog is completely finished. Effective immediately we are not taking any new orders from anyone.

There will be no refunds or returns of orders started... We simply cannot do this, we don't have the money not even to return the figures as is. We do not wish to file for bankruptcy as this would benefit no one especially our customers. Rather we will just continue to plug away at current orders until all are finished and everyone who ordered from us has their finished figures.

We wish to thank all of our good customers for their patience and business over the years and we regret having to make this decision, but we simply cannot continue as we have the past 4 years.

Customers with figures currently being worked on will be contacted when their orders are ready to ship to confirm current mailing addresses, please do not bombard us with e-mails regarding the status of your orders. We will get them finished, but it will take awhile!

If you are moving or your e-mail is changing let us know so we can update our customer records. Any other e-mails will not be answered. Sorry but we don't need any added aggravation at the moment...

Thank you

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